Firewire Surfboard - CHUMLEE by Dan Mann - 5'5" x 20 3/4 x 2 7/16 - 31'7 L. - Ref: 3717132


Firewire Surfboard


5'5" x 20 3/4 x 2 7/16 - 31'7 L.

Combo FCS II.

Tech HE

Ref: 3717132


Dan Mann States: I’ve been riding the CHUMLEE for a while now. In 2009, when I first stepped beyond The Fish design for a groveler, I started with the Sweet Potato and then the Baked Potato as I explored shorter and shorter grovelers. As fun as super short boards are with the right fins and volume, I found the CHUMLEE filled a key slot in my quiver.

The CHUMLEE should be ridden a bit longer so I ride a CHUMLEE that’s 2”-3” longer than my Baked Potato. The added rocker and round tail combined with less width make it super versatile and allow for a seamless transition back to a performance shortboard when the waves are going off. 

Who loves it: Surfers who prefer surfing – pumping, driving, and angling more tightly on rail – more than just quick forward flight while blasting sections and doing cutbacks.

The Best Build: HELIUM. Its flex, bend, and soft sensations benneath your feet create opportunities for quick adjustments on the face, and a sense that you can fit more turns into a single wave.

The Best part: Surprising versatility on the high end. This board has worked its way into more than a few barells on four foot faces.

Draw Back: When it pushes above shoulder high – The speediest and most thrilling ride you’ve ever had accross a five foot wall, with a lot of unexpected hold in the face, as you plan on bleeding speed with a carve down the face that… oh, wait… the tail slipped out during that carve and you’re now cartwheeling under water…. and fiending for another five foot wall.


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