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Pukas Surfboard - WAVE SLAVE by Lee Stacey - 5’10” x 19.75 x 2.37 x 30.46L - Ref LS00307


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Pukas Surfboard by Lee Stacey


5’10” x 19.75 x 2.37 x 30.46L

Thruster FCS II

Ref LS00307

 WAVE SLAVE  by Lee Stacey


A slave to the average, a slave to the wave. Own it. Destroy surf. This is the surfboard we’ve been riding in everything from 2-4 feet. You got mushy beach breaks? Wave Slave has you covered. You got punchy rip bowls? Wave Slave has you covered.

A very user friendly surfboard for anyone looking to add spice to their quiver. Wave Slave carries more volume than The Flathead, but you ride it in the same size. It’s perfect as a step-down for the advanced surfer and can be ridden in waves you would normally ride a Black Bear or Machine Head.

Ride slightly bigger for the surfer looking for a higher volume, but performance shortboard.