Pukas Surfboard - THE LINK by Matt Biolos - 5’10” x 20 x 2,44 x 31.05L - PM00700


Pukas Surfboard by Matt Biolos


5’10” x 20 x 2,44 x 31.05L

FCS II Combo

 Ref: PM0700


THE LINK  by Matt Biolos

“After almost 20 years of traveling the Basque Country, and shaping at PUKAS, we finally made our link official and have designed this collaboration model…. The Link.

We thought it would be fun to make this link official and do a special little project…a special board. Specifically for the small punchy beach breaks in this area. Super fun and skatey, but high performance as well. Not a cruiser, or flat glider, but a board with some rocker and some concave, a board that a good surfer can throw around and up into the lip and surf kind of radical, but in a small, fun, beach break kind of way.

From the start I have always sorta been known for pushing the idea of wider shorter boards, but always trying to do it with performance in mind, not just fashion or retro”.