Pukas Surfboard - THE BUD by Eye Symmetry - 6’04” x 20 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 34L - PE00064


Pukas Surfboard

THE BUD by Eye Symmetry

6’04” x 20 3/4 x 2 1/2 x 34L

Thruster FCS II

Ref: PE00064


“The Bud”

Designed by Tom Carroll and myself, The Bud was first created as a model for Tom to ride at Kelly Slater’s wave pool and is the shorter, wider version of ‘The Leaf’.

The Bud has a relatively simple outline with quite a wide, full foiled nose profile which tapers rather quickly to a small, signature TC thumb tail. In this fashion it almost looks like two boards conjoined, a small wave hybrid style nose with a tail that is reminiscent of a board designed for much larger waves. The unusual, yet beautiful pairing of these two elements reflects the overall purpose of the boards existence, an entry level step-up board which is easy to paddle and travel with yet can also hold well in good powerful waves. The bottom contour of this board is a little different to the other boards in the ES x PUKAS range. 

It does however, feature the signature subtle quad concave entry but this rather quickly blends into a deep single concave which is most prominent in the first half of the board, mainly between the feet. This creates a lot of speed and drive which lends itself to a faster, barreling type of wave. The use of this concave, combined with the signature pulled in tail and reduced tail rocker creates a fast, somewhat sensitive board, which excels in clean hollow waves.

In Tom’s words “The Leaf is for people who want to get barreled…and come out!”.

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