Pukas Surfboard - TASTY by Axel Lorentz - 6'2" x 18,88 x 2,37 - 29'07 L. - AX00139


Pukas Surfboard  by Axel Lorentz - Tasty - 6'2" x 18,88 x 2,37 - 29'07 L.

FCS II Thruster.



Pukas TASTY by Axel Lorentz

This is the second board from a High-Performance Collection developed by Axel Lorentz compound by 3 surfboards; The Pukas Juicy, the Pukas Tasty and the Pukas Spicy.

This is Axel Lorentz’s high-performance shortboard and suits a wide variety of surfers , not just the best surfers.

The Pukas Tasty by Axel Lorentz pursues high-performance . It has a medium entry rocker and pronounced rocker in tail, providing pivot off the bottom. Extra volume and width makes it work in a wider variety of conditions . Features a full single concave through the board giving plenty of drive on critical situations.