Pukas Surfboard - LA LOCA by Axel Lorentz - 5'07" x 19,25 x 2,35 - 28'53 L. - F04234


Pukas Surfboard  by Axel Lorentz - La Loca - 5'07" x 19,25 x 2,35 - 28'53 L.


Ref: F04234


Pukas LA LOCA by Axel Lorentz

This eye-catching design is inspired by the new trend of the volume-performance ra- tio. A wider outline with a high-performance approach. Rails that hold. Lots of speed and plenty of drive.

The Pukas La Loca by Axel Lorentz features a lowered rocker in tail and a thinner tail. A full concave continues all the way to the ns where it switches to a V-tail. Very responsive. Fun. A must have board.

We feel that the single channel in the bottom gives extra control and hold when doing radi- cal turns with the bonus of making huge sprays.