Pukas Surfboard - JUICY by Axel Lorentz - 5'8" x 19 x 2,3 - 26'54 L. - AX00341


Pukas Surfboard by Axel Lorentz - Juicy - 5'8" x 19 x 2,3 - 26'54 L.

Thruster FCSII

Ref: AX00341

This is the first board from a High-Performance Collection developed by Axel Lorentz compound by 3 surfboards; The Pukas Juicy, the Pukas Tasty and the Pukas Spicy.

A high-performance approach to shit waves begs for this board.

Compared to the Tasty, the rocker is flatter and the outline is wider.

French beachies have been the inspiration source for the shaper Axel Lorentz.

A full concave bottom f inishing to vee on the tail and boxier rails af ford plenty of speed without scarif ying manoeuvrability. This board is fast, responsive and easy to surf with.