Pukas Surfboard - HEAVEN'S DOOR by Axel Lorentz - 5’04” x 22 1/4 x 2,63 x 35,48L - F04438

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69er STEP DOWN by Axel Lorentz

5’04” x 22 1/4 x 2,63 x 35,48L

Combo FCS II

Ref: F04438


Pukas HEAVEN'S DOOR by Axel Lorentz

In the pursuit of the board that holds the maximum amount of volume in a 5’10”, we discovered the right equation: 5’10” x 23 x 3 with 45.58l.

“It’s hard to find a board that holds the speed and maneuverability in waves that are knee-high” says Ignacio, the Pukas Factory manager. “It put my longboard on ice for a while as I could still have fun and turn with the smallest conditions”.

It has moderate rocker with a spiral-V out the tail. The softened edges give it the ability to be surfed aggressively on the rail without sliding out. It is a maneuverable board that performs best in ankle to head high surf. It’s not recommended to use in heavy surf.

The Pukas Original Sixtyniner Step Down has been successfully tested now. It is a shorter and fuller version of the O. 69er with a slightly fattened tail. Simple as that.


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