Lost Surfboard -VOODOO CHILD by Matt Biolos- 6’0” x 19,38 x 2,38 x 28,09l - Ref MH00358


Lost Surfboard -VOODOO CHILD by Matt Biolos- 6’0” x 19,38 x 2,38 x 28,09l

Thurster FCS II.

Ref: MH00358

Mason Ho’s first ever Pro Model. Designed with creative input and vision from the freewheeling, freethinking freesurfer... Mason Ho. The “VooDoo Child” is Mason’s mash-up of classic and current performance surfboard characteristics. Mason likes effortless forward glide projecting from his front foot, but demands quick and loose release off the tail. To do this we started with a lower than typical nose rocker, a relaxed curve through the center and a healthy kick in the tail.

The VooDoo Child features a modern, cutting edge, high performance, concave hull. There is a generous single and double concave cutting through curvy rail rocker, with the deepest concave being through the fins, directly under the rear foot. These elements work together to easily generate speed, and whip tight radius carves, still allowing controlled release for tail free surfing. Other elements include a more noticeably parallel outline through the center (for drive) that blends rapidly into a pulled in nose tip. There is a noticeable bump/hip into a wide squash tail, which encourages quick, angular surfing and harkens back to some classic lines from late 80’s design ethos.


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