JS Industries Surfboard - PSYCHO NITRO - 5’09” x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 x 33,9L - 189933 ZTZ


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JS Industries Surfboard


5’09” x 20 1/2 x 2 5/8 x 33,9L

Ref: 189933


he Nitro was one of our most loved Summer Series boards back in the day! With
many customers continuing to order this as a custom model I thought it was time
to be creative and make a completely new one.
I have given the Psycho Nitro a fuller nose with a slight vee and added more
foam under the chest to give you even more paddle power. It has a smooth, flat,
continuous rocker with a single concave under the front foot which runs into a
double concave through the fins and finishes with a vee out of the swallow tail.
For 2017, we’ve eliminated the flyer, and pulled in the tail even more, which
reduces the area through the back of the board and allows you to turn on a dime
in the pocket on small waves. This provides a fast, reactive feel that will let you
draw lines in average conditions that simply aren’t possible on other boards! To
complement this, the swallow tail gives the Psycho Nitro a lively rail-to-rail feel
and makes it incredibly easy to surf.
Regardless of what time of year it is, this Summer Series favourite is a perfect way of keeping
us all surfing between swells. It’s super quick, paddles amazingly, turns really
well and has everything you need for a fun surf in less powerful, everyday waves.
Psycho Nitro comes standard with a 5 fin set up so you can ride it as a thruster or
a quad. Ride the Psycho Nitro 4 - 6 inches shorter than your normal short board.