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EASY 9'0


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The Easy Going is the ultimate easy surfboard. With 147 liters of volume can afford any size of a surfer. Over the last decades and hundreds of stops on our surf school program we have learned that a board like this is a must in any surf school. It will definitely make the surf experience better. You can also ride it as a SUP.

Use this massive surfboard and maximize your wave count, and of course, maximize your FUN.

Nose soft handle optional.

-COEXTRUDED TOP DECK Ultra resistant top skin: Minimizes scratches, abrasions and indentations. Water Proof. Added UV inhibitor protects foam surface.


-INNER LAYERS: Added strength and flex properties.
Allows for great compression absorption under your feet, reducing indentation & cell collapse in the key areas of the board. Volume control to improve inertia while surfing.

-HYBRID COMPOSITE CORE: Unique beaded PS core provides excellent stiffness and impact resistance. Polymer film layer adds strength

-HDPE GRAPHIC BOTTOM SLICK: Increases overall strength
throughoutthe board. Increases speed, control & maneuverability. Subtle creasing as material absorbs compression.

-FINS: Two compound, bore through soft edge rubber fins.