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EASY 8'0


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The Easy Indio Surfboard is a wider version of the Indio Mini Long. This gives you extra stability and the chance of learning new maneuvers in a easier way. It can be used also as a beginning board for even bigger surfers or very small days.

Many experienced surfers own one of these on the familiar beaches of California and Hawaii. Stashed away in their quiver for those days when the waves are small, this 8’0 is perfect to share with friends, couples and family.

Nose soft handle optional.

-COEXTRUDED TOP DECK Ultra resistant top skin: Minimizes scratches, abrasions and indentations. Water Proof. Added UV inhibitor protects foam surface.


-INNER LAYERS: Added strength and flex properties.
Allows for great compression absorption under your feet, reducing indentation & cell collapse in the key areas of the board. Volume control to improve inertia while surfing.

-HYBRID COMPOSITE CORE: Unique beaded PS core provides excellent stiffness and impact resistance. Polymer film layer adds strength

-HDPE GRAPHIC BOTTOM SLICK: Increases overall strength
throughoutthe board. Increases speed, control & maneuverability. Subtle creasing as material absorbs compression.

-FINS: Two compound, bore through soft edge rubber fins.