CUSTOM - Pukas Surfboard - LA LOCA by Axel Lorentz


Custom orders.

01. We guarantee to manufacture and deliver this surfboard in 8 weeks since the day of payment.

02. This is a custom surfboard for you. This is achieved through the work of an international team representing the expertise and experience from some of the best surfers and shapers from around the globe, in a field where passion, dedication and skill are crucial to success. That's why our high-performance artisanal surfboards it take up to 8 weeks. 

Pukas La Loca by Axel Lorentz

This eye-catching design is inspired by the new trend of the volume-performance ra- tio. A wider outline with a high-performance approach. Rails that hold. Lots of speed and plenty of drive.

The Pukas La Loca by Axel Lorentz features a lowered rocker in tail and a thinner tail. A full concave continues all the way to the ns where it switches to a V-tail. Very responsive. Fun. A must have board.

We feel that the single channel in the bottom gives extra control and hold when doing radi- cal turns with the bonus of making huge sprays.