CUSTOM - Pukas Surfboard - 69ER PRO by Axel Lorentz


Pukas Original Sixtyniner Pro by Axel Lorentz

Worked on the pros feedback in pushing the 69er to the extremeDifficulties in vertical surfing and in generating speed in smaller waves to make it more performance.

I moved back the wide point in the outline to have more area under back foot (generate more speed) and less in the nose to allow more radical turns. I also increased a bit the overall rocker to go more vertical.

Also changed the repartition of volume to re-equilibrate the board. Less volume in the nose to make it lighter and more in the back to generate speed and resist hard turns.



Custom orders.

01. We guarantee to manufacture and deliver this surfboard in 8 weeks for a board wit no color, and 12 weeks for a board with resin tints since the day of payment.

02. This is a custom surfboard for you. This is achieved through the work of an international team representing the expertise and experience from some of the best surfers and shapers from around the globe, in a field where passion, dedication and skill are crucial to success. That's why our high-performance artisanal surfboards it take up to 10 weeks. 


Color / Pigment


Light Pigment Blue, Light Pigment Yellow, Light Pigment Champagne, Light Pigment White, Light Pigment Green, Light Pigment Red, Light Pigment Orange, Light Pigment Black.




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