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Black On White Surfboards | BW Softboard 8'0"


· Model: BW Softboard 8'0"

· Size: 8’0"

· Art: White

· Volume: 86 L.

· Fins: Included

· Leash: Not included. Browse our leash selection here. For this model chose a  8’ or a 9’ long leash.



5’6’’, 6’0’’ and 6'6" sizes are your best choice when it comes to first soft boards for kids.

7’0’’ and 8’0’’ sizes are for adults who what to give surfing a try. There are other variables that you may take into consideration when deciding which softboard to get.

  • Up to 70kg, 7’0’’ would be a great choice. 
  • For more than 70kg, an 8’0’’ it is a better choice.
  • If you are quite skilled or you want some challenge when facing your first waves, this 7’0’’ softboard will do the trick.
  • A 7’0’’ is also easier to carry than an 8’0’’.

Remember, when we are newbies, we like them big: this means that the bigger the board, the better the experience. 

> Keep reading to find out more.

Our Low-Cost Sleeping Dragon | The essential formula for the best beginner’s experience


BW 8'0" | Pukas Surf Shop
BW 8'0" | Pukas Surf Shop



This is a no brainer when it comes to choosing your first board if you want it to be a success in becoming a new surfer that is; meaning, you will repeat the experience if this one is good. 

You need your softboard to be buoyant or “floaty” and stable. Why? A floaty board will keep you sitting high in the water and it will help you with your paddle stroke since they glide more smoothly. You will stay on your feet easier and it is less likely to tip over.

Stability, your second best ally being a newbie: larger boards have a bigger area to stand on; they are more stable and will help you keep your balance. The more stable, the more waves you’ll be able to ride and that’s our goal: the more waves the better to become a surfer. 

Longboards such as these, will make it easier to catch even the smallest of waves and will help you train the skills necessary to progress on to more advanced surfboards. Be prepared for everyday surfing!


Let’s not forget that we call this baby a Low-Cost Sleeping Dragon. As your first board, a small  and technical one is your enemy; it would be a poor choice since, first, you will be trying to keep yourself out of the water; second, the paddling will be an odyssey and third, well, standing on it, will be a lot harder than it seams. A bigger softboard will provide you with what you need to awaken your inner surfer. Trust us.

And yes, it is also our low-cost board but with a purpose: we want you, and everyone eager to give surfing a try, to be able to do so with little harm to your pocket and a real shot in becoming a surfer. It is the cheapest, safest and best choice to start aiming at riding and feeling the waves under you.


Take care of your board and it will take care of you. How? Here you go some tips:

1 · Rinse your board with fresh water after every use to remove dirt, sand and salt residue.

2 · If possible, store your board away from direct sunlight, in a cool and dry space.

3 · If you board has a hole or a scratch in the foam surface, you can purchase ane “Non-Solvent” based glue to repair it. Spread the glue inside the hole or scratch and let it dry before using.

4 · You can use any “Non-Solvent” based glue as well to repair side rail seams, meaning where the slick Botton and foam surface join together. Spread the glue in seamand let it dry before using.


You need a next level softboard? Here are some of the smartest choices to have a gradual progression onto a more advanced surfing experience.

· Indio Surfboards, focused on beginners and intermediate surfers, are the chosen ones by the best surf schools across Europe. 

· Catch Soft Surfboards, high performance, fun-focused and stylish, these are the pioneers in the softboard movement. 

· SOFTTECH by FCS softboards are handmade from highly durable materials, built to withstand the toughest of treatments and suit the beginner through to the most experienced rider.


The Black On White softboards selection offers a varied range of sizes to choose from:

· BW 5'6"

· BW 6'0"

 BW 6'0"

· BW 7'0"

· BW 8'0"