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We proudly present you the Pukas x Yow “Plan B”, a performance shape inspired by one of our favorite surfboards from all times.

The Pukas Plan B surfboard is an hybrid that stands in between a classic twin fin shape and a high performance thruster. A brilliant design out of the mind of Pukas shaper Axel Lorentz.

The surfskate replica of such a board, had to be just as incredible. Designers at Yow, along with Axel Lorentz, created a surfskate board that can take your performance to the maximum level, yet still looking as clean as the original surfboard.

We wanted to showcase the full potential of both surfboard and surfskate, reason why we called one of our best performers, Yago Dominguez, and spent a full day with him: first surfing in the water, later inland.

The result is a one minute video full of sharp turns and big airs. Once again showing how close your feeling can be when surfskating as when surfing.


  • Tamaño: 33.5″ x 10″ x 19″ WB
  • Ejes: Caliber 9.0″ Standard/Silver
  • Ruedas: 66 x 51mm 80A Gris
  • YOW System: S5
  • Concave: Performance
  • Rocker: Tail Rocker


1 Springs Included
4mm Diameter / Soft
Ball Bearing 51100 (x2)
YOW System Patented

How to lock the YOW Trucks

The YOW truck is made for street surfing, however, if you want to block the YOW truck, you only have to add the YOW-locking-screw and tighten it up.
By doing this, you are going to get your YOW truck behave like a regular surfskate, if you so desire.


You only need a standard skateboarding tool to set up your YOW system. Every nut and bolt of the YOW System can be tighten up or loosened with a standard skateboarding tool (regular T-Tool with nut, kingpin and allen wrenches) Actually, anly one tool is needed to assemble or disassemble the whole YOW System.

*Surfboard is not included. ;-)