Pukas Surfboard - WATER LION by Chris Christenson - 6’02” x 18 11/16 x 2 3/8 - 29,7L - PC00442


Pukas Surfboards

Model: Water Lion by Chris Christenson

Size: 6’02” x 18 11/16 x 2 3/8 - 29,7L 

Ref: PM00442

Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

Glass: Standard

Finish: Sanded

Color: Island Style Black

Fin system: FCS II - Thruster

My initial concept for the water lion is for solid waves here in Europe, with the first two waves coming to mind: Hossegor and Mundaka. Those waves inspired this board´s design.

Basically the whole concept is to fill the gap between your performance short board and your step up by adding performance to your step up. Many riders have the GERR as a go to short board and the CARRERA as the recommended step up board. Between those two is the WATER LION, designed to start working well in 3 foot (head high) proper hollow waves and can definitely push it to 6-8 foot surf (double to more than double over head) no problem.

The outline has same concept as the CARRERA with the fuller front end for paddling, which is what you need to get out and into bigger surf. Although as the tail is pulled in to handle larger surf it ends in a baby squash tail. This tail was influenced from one of my shaping heroes, Pat Rawson. I have always been attracted by the baby squash tail that he used to do in the 80s and 90s, so this is a little homage to him. What the baby squash tail does opposed to the round pin is it brings two pivot points to the tip of the tail to allow the board to go rail to rail quicker.