Pukas Surfboard - THE LINK ROUND by Matt Biolos - 5’09” x 19,75 x 2,35 x 29,36L - Ref PM00677


Pukas Surfboard by Matt Biolos


5’09” x 19,75 x 2,35 x 29,36L

Fcs II Combo

Ref PM00677


THE LINK ROUND by Matt Biolos

Words by Matt Biolos (USA)

Building upon the positive reaction, and successful of our PUKAS co-lab model, “The Link”, it only seemed natural to expand and extend The Link line to even more well rounded requirements.

The most precedented way to expand the functional range of an already proven model has been to simply modify it as a round tail.

So... we swapped Link’s squash tail to a round.

By leaving the width/surface area nearly the same under the rear foot, and only pulling the tail into a round, in the last few inches, the overall small to average wave performance remains intact, but the round tail allows greater range of control and performance in powerful, curvy and larger waves.

The new tail allows for precise pocket surfing on a short and compact board design.

At the same time, we slightly reduced the overall concave and adjusted the stock dimensions a bit, so if you rode a Link 5’6” squash tail, you would probably want to ride the round tail about 1” longer.