Pukas Surfboard - THE LINK HP by Matt Biolos - 5’11” x 19.25 x 2,44 x 30L - PM00463


Pukas Surfboard by Matt Biolos


5’11” x 19.25 x 2,44 x 30L 

FCS II Thruster.

 Ref: PM0463


THE LINK HP (High Performance) by Matt Biolos

A more souped up version of the LINK, the LINK HP (High Performance).

I based it off the idea of riding 2” longer than a typical LINK. So if you ride a 5’8” LINK… You would ride a 5’10” LINK HP. 

To do this, I reduced the width by 1/2” and then made changes to the outline and nose rocker. I left the tail outline and tail rocker the same.

The thickness should be ridden the same as well. The nose outline is pulled in to that of a very conservative performance short board nose. Not a pro level WCT nose, but some thing more like the Baby Buggy nose… a wide HP Short- board nose.

I then added nose rocker, so that the front 2” continue to lift, and the nose rocker sets inside the cradle of the original curve. This will make it so changing back and forth between the LINK and the LINK HP should be smooth and effort- less.

The volumes are very similar, if ridden 2” lon- ger.

I added a bit more double concave to the tail, because when the overall width is drawn in 1/2’, the tail is a bit more narrow as well. The added double concave should give more lift and add some surface area. It will aslo lend a bit more drive and give the board more of a running feel, for slightly bigger waves than the rst LINK.

Once again, designed to be ridden 2” longer, and 1/2” narrower (with the same thickness) than the original LINK, in stock dims.