Pukas Surfboard - LA CÔTE by Axel Lorentz - 6´2" x 20,88 x 2,69 - 37,69L - AX04071


Pukas Surfboards

Model: LA CÔTE by Axel Lorentz

Size: 6´2" x 20,88 x 2,69 - 37,69L

Ref: AX04071

Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

Glass: Standard, Opaque Cream tint with resin panels.

Finish: Polish

Fin system: FCS II - Thruster


PukasLa Côte by Axel Lorentz


MID LENGTH | A jaw-dropping mid-length.

Most of us move forward when standing still on a mid length but have a hard time to move it. That’s what inspired Axel Lorentzwhen shaping a board with his daughter; they both wanted a beauty of a board that would allow them to surf together in alltype of conditions.

From a light-weight female to a heavy-weight average surfer, this board has been designed to be styled and driven with thesmoothness of an experienced surfer. La Côte is a very responsive, incredibly versatile, fun board that turns in a dime.

And ofcourse has the natural benefits of a mid-length; lots of foam that help paddling and enjoying every bit of your ride