Pukas Surfboard - INNCA Tech - THE ROACH by Lee Stacey - 5’11” x 20 1/8 x 2 1/2 - 31.60L Ref:0002


Pukas Surfboard - INNCA Tech by Lee Stacey


5’11” x 20 1/8 x 2 1/2 - 31.60L

Combo FCS II


 THE ROACH  by Lee Stacey

 A modern take on an 80’s shortboard

The Roach comes from a collaboration Lee Stacey did a fewyears ago with Bob Hurley based on a board he made forRabbit Bartholemew back in the 80’s. The Rab3 is a reallypopular board that is made for the Hurley staff and team andLee wanted to make a modern version of it

Lee tweaked every aspect of it it to give a really nice, settledfeel when on the wave. It’s still got the Hip Swallow Tail andintricate bottom contours to give it drive and a tight turningarc. Paddles easy and it is available in either thruster or a fivefin set-up to give you more options when you’re at the beach.