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Pukas Surfboard - 69ER EVOLUTION by Axel Lorentz- 5’10” x 19,75 x 2,38 x 29,10L - Ref:AX04433


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Pukas Surfboards

Model: 69ER EVOLUTION by Axel Lorentz

Size: 5’10” x 19,75 x 2,38 x 29,10L

Ref: AX04433

Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

Glass: Standard

Finish: Sanded

Fin system: FCS II - combo

PERFORMANCE EASY | This board suits anyone. The best all rounder.

The Pukas 69er Evolution is a stretched out more refined version of the hugely popular Original Sixtyniner. A great all rounderjust like its predecessor, the Evolution has been fine tuned for faster and steeper waves. The Pukas 69er Evolution is designedby Axel Lorentz to be the ultimate travel board.

Being such a good all rounder, this board suits a really wide range of people; pretty much everyone. Paddles really well andcatches waves really easily. But with the foam taken out of the back of the board allows you to engage the rail a lot easier,specially on the bigger days.