PRE ORDER - Pukas Surfboard - TASTY TREAT by Axel Lorentz - 6’2” x 20 x 2,69 - 35,1L


New PUKAS Surfboards are coming!

There will be a limited quantity of Pukas TASTY TREAT available for pre-order.

Get yours before anyone else. 

Dispatch date: Friday, February 5 2021 (PU)

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Pukas Surfboards

Model: TASTY TREAT by Axel Lorentz 

Size:  6’2” x 20 x 2,69 - 35,1L

Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

Glass: Standard

Finish: Sanded

Fin system: FCS II - Thruster

Pukas TASTY TREAT by Axel Lorentz

HIGH PERFORMANCE | A performance based design extended to a wider audience.

Extending the use of a high-performance surfboard to a wider audience inspired this board. Taking the Pukas Tasty as a starting point, we have built a more friendly version of it in PU and our epoxy INN·CA construction; we have tweaked the dims, made it shorter, a bit wider and thicker.

By moving down the tail rocker we have made it faster. “The Pukas Tasty Treat now suits the shape of a smaller wave and excels in less curvy walls”, says Axel, “and allows high-performance surfing to a broad audience, not just the experienced surfers”.