Pukas Surfboard - INNCA Tech - THE LINK 2 by Matt Biolos - 5’08” x 19.63 x 2,38 x 28.5L -Ref: 0005


Pukas Surfboard INNCA Tech by Matt Biolos


5’08” x 19.63 x 2,38 x 28.5L

FCS II Thruster.

Ref: 0005


THE LINK 2 by Matt Biolos

 Specifically designed for the small punchy beach breaks in this area, the Pukas Link Two features a nice outline with re-defined rails. The board is super fun and skatey, with performance in mind. Not a cruiser, or flat glider, but a board with somerocker and some concave to surf kind of radical, but in a small, fun, beach break kind of way.When sized properly, this exclusive Pukas x Matt Biolos design could be anything from a 5’2 rip stick, for a young ripper tothrow airs and blow the tail, on up to 40 liters of Domestic high performance carving and snapping to keep the middle agedguy, father with kids out there having fun.

Advanced Composites
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Sport & Marine Applications 
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Benefits to using
Innegra are: 
Lightweitght 0.84g/cc
Minimizes Catastrophic Failure
· Ductible
Impact Resistant
Vibration Damping
Excelen Dielectrics
Low Elongation
Highly Crystalline
Energy Dissipation
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