Pukas Surfboard - SINGLE by Son Of Cobra - 7’3” x 20,25 x 3 x 50L - PL00179


Pukas Surfboards

Model: SINGLE  by Son Of Cobra

Size: 7’3” x 20,25 x 3 x 50L

Ref: PL00179

Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin) Tapered Stringer

Glass: Standard

Finish: Sanded

Fin system: Single box


SINGLE by Son Of Cobra


Inspired by the late 70’s single fin with a modern spin.

The SINGLE FIN has generous volume lines and medium rails added

to the light concave and Vee after the fin, give you a perfect balance

of glide, speed, maneuvrability and responsiveness.

This model is also available with an optional 6 channels bottom for

more drive and speed during clean days.