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McTavish Surfboard - NOOSA 66 by Bob McTavish - 9’3” x 21 1/2 x 3 - 71,93L - BM00287 - ESK


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McTavish Surfboard

NOOSA 66 by Bob McTavish

9'0" x 22 1/2 x 2 7/8

Ref: BM00287

 Fin included

NOOSA 66 by Ben McTavish


We've been making this board for 50 years! As the name suggests, this is a straight out replica of the board I designed and honed on the Queensland points through the mid sixties, testing and riding with Russell Hughes and George Greenough. The board features a full rolled bottom, 50/50 rails, a tail-hippy template, and a flat rocker profile. We all love the Noosa 66 and it's been the one model that's had the beautiful cut-lap tints and heavier glassing going on forever. What a sweetheart! The prettiest board we make!

Designer: Bob McTavish

Available Lengths: 9’3” – 9’8”

Typical Lamination Details: 8 x 6oz volan deck, 6oz volan bottom

Fin Details: Single finbox with GG centre fin (Glass-on option available)


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