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Lost Surfboard - Black Dart - ROCKET V3 by Matt Biolos - 6’01” x 20,38 x 2,56 x 35,2l - BDV30601 GRO


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Lost Surfboard - Black Dart

ROCKET V3 by Matt Biolos

6’01” x 20,38 x 2,56 x 35,2l 

FCS II Combo.

Ref: BDV30601


The V3 Rocket is an extension of the Rocket Collection. Released in 2014, it quickly became a surf shop sales standout and a custom order favorite, around the world.  From the average, every day surfer, to the traveling pro, almost all who ride a V3 are stoked. Word has spread, and popularity continues to grow. From My personal 6‘0’ x 40 liter “go-to” board all year long, to Luke Davis winning a WQS on a 23liter 5’4” the diversity is clear…it’s a great all around hybrid design for just about any type of surfer. In the last year, Nate Yeomans won two more Pro events on a V3. The Oneill, Cold Water Classic (in Fall 2014) on a stock 5’9” V3, in standard construction, and most recently The SunDiego AmSlam, on a stock 5'7", in BlackDart construction. Now available in both C3 and BlackDart builds.


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