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JS Surfboards - BIG BARON SOFT- 6'0" x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16 x 31,5L. - BIGBARON60

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THE BIG BARON SOFT· JS industries Surfboards


Pukas Surf Shop - JS insdustries surfboards

· Model: Big Baron 

· Size: 6'0" x 19 1/2 x 2 7/16

· Volume: 31,5L

· Construction: Softboard

· Glass: EPS core covered in 4 x 4 oz glass on deck and 4 oz on bottom.

· Tail shape: Round

· Rocker: Flat

· Rails: Full

· Waves: Fat & Crumbly waves 0-3 feet.

Pukas Surf Shop - JS Surfboards


· Leash: Not included. Browse our leash selection here

· Fin system: FCS II 

· Fins: not included. Comes as a thruster. You can also ride it as a twin or a 2+1.





FCS - FCS II Power TWIN - PG - 2+1FINS

FCS - FCS II Power TWIN - PG - 2+1FINS



Pukas Surf Shop - JS industries surfboards 


This is a JS small wave shape and it will make sure you can actually manoeuvre and it is built to maximize durability and safety.

It is built with the same top-quality materials and construction processes JS insdustries uses in their world-renowned surfboard range, and is finished with a soft 3mm PE shell all over, plus a microdot thermoform bottom.


· Core | "An EPS core is covered in 2x layers of 4-ounce glass on the deck and 1x layer of 4-ounce glass on the bottom. This maintains long lasting strength and the right weight to keep momentum when you’re surfing."

· Stringer | "A carbon T-Stringer provides extra stiffness and strength, with a more controlled flex that feels even better when flying down the line."

· Waves | The Big Baron Softboard is made for those small days around home, where it calls for a little more volume. Up to 3ft.

  · Concave | Rocking it from rail to rail and retaining its  manoeuvrability is easy thanks to the vee throughout the board from nose to tail with added double concave through the fins. Pukas Surf Shop - JS industries surfboards



Pukas Surf Shop - JS industries surfboards

JS industries is now one of the most known and respected names in the world of performance surfboards and we are stoked having them at Pukas Surf Shop.

What does JS industries and the tractor of the logo stand for? Have you ever think of that besides thinking, “yep, that’s cool”? Well keep reading…

JS stands for Jason Stevenson. As Stevenson says, back when he started shaping, everybody in the industry was calling surfboard companies by their name and that’s not like him. He chose JS because of it and a lot of people don’t even know still who that is or what’s the real name behind it. Even though he knew it would get out there eventually.

So, JS is Jason Stevenson. He’s the founder, owner and shaper that built JS industries from the ground up. He has build strong relationships with world class team of loyal surfers throughout the years thanks to not only his shining talents but also his passion and love for surfing.

Not in vain the iconic Traktor logo has been found under quite some elite surfers’ feet over the years such as four world Champion and more 32 contenders. The valuable feedback of these top surfers are part of the innovations and improved designs over the past two decades.

Pukas Surf Shop - JS industries surfboards

Now, why a Tractor? Let’s Jason Stevenson himself explain that one:

“The tractor… Well, Maurice Cole had the teddy bear at the time and, even though it was a teddy bear, it still looks really cool. I wanted it not so much to be about me. I wanted to build a brand but I also had connections to machinery. There’s a childhood photo of me standing next to a huge machinery that my old man used to drive when working as a machine operator in the mines in Straddie. Both my mom and dad surfed so, that is how it all began.

“I went to Toys ‘R’ Us and bought different machinery toys thinking that I would get a logo out of one of them. I got all these different sort of things and trucks and there was this one tractor that I went up and took photos of it. It was a yellow tractor at the time and I was like, “Yep, that’s it”. Then it just evolved and that is how JS Industries had its logo.” –Jason Stevenson.