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Garmendia Surfboards - NOSERIDER - 9'6" x 23 x 3- Ref.GARMENNOSE9.6

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Noserider x Garmendia Surfboards 



· Model: Noserider

· Size: 9'6" x 23 x 3

· Handshaped by Jon Garmendia from start to finish.

· Built in Urdaneta, Basque Country (Spain).

· Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

· Glassing: 6oz bottom + 6oz +8oz volan on deck

· Fin system: Single Box

· Finish: Tinted Resin / Polish

· Stringer: Cedar stringer 

· Fin not included!!

The recommended fins for these two sizes of longboards are:

· Captain Fin The Raked 10” (Jon’s favourite)

· Futures Rudder 10” 




 Garmendia Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

The Noserider's stringer's and butterfly detail · Garmendia Surfboards . Pic x Aitor Molina.


100% Hand-Shaped Ready for Noseriding 

The classic Noserider with some design liberties taken for a more suited modern surfing.

Paying special attention to detail to make this happen, this Noserider is ideal for those small and perfect wave days.

Honoring its name, this is a very stable board for the Nose and soft when surfing in the back.



Garmendia Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop


The Bottom Structure: Long concave on the nose, which reaches almost to the middle of the board. Belly for the rest and it ends in flat just after the fin box (‘kick’). This will help the tail to nail down the wave and work as a counterweight to be able to noseride.

The rails are soft and finished in 50/50 so the water flows around the soft curve of the rail before releasing. It will better hold in subtle turns (if you can manage one that we’re sure you can if you put your will into it).

The glass in the Noserider is 6oz bottom + 6oz +8oz volan on deck.


 Garmendia Surfboards hand-shaped at Pukas Surf Shops

Jon Garmendia's creation process. 100% hand shaped. Pic x Aitor Molina

The Ride of the 🦋

Jon Garmendia did it again. The second time around winner of The Longboard Spanish Championship and winner of the expression session of the best shared wave with Alex Knost at Vans Duct Tape Invitational. This young surfer keeps quite some secrets under his belt that we are going to unraveled, starting by saying that he is not only a shaper, and a very good one at that, but much more indeed. 

30is hours to finish a surfboard 100% hand shaped that demands care, attention to detail and solely two pair of hands that do the whole work from start to finish. Starting with the special selection of stringers, shaping, glassing, sanding … And yes, only a pair of hands: Jon Garmendia’s. The man, the brand, and the wings behind the butterfly.

You could think about what kind of relation could a butterfly and a surfboard have, and the answer has a name: Jon Garmendia.

This surfer from Zarautz, a little town in the Basque Country (Spain), is also a surfboard shaper, glasser and sander, that has just won for the second time around The Longboard Spanish Championship;  winner in A Frouxeira de Valdoviño beach in A Coruña and in Salinas, Asturias riding one of his own longboard designs and creations.  He was also the invited to take part in the expression session of The Duct Tape Invitational organized by Joel Tudor in Zarautz among 38 surfers and actually won it alongside Ale Knost for the best shared wave.

At he MexiLogFest (MXLF21), one of the musts in the longboard festivals arena, he got in the Top 16. Another victory for sure.

Not only that, he is a father of a beautiful baby girl and works part-time at the Spanish leader in furniture fittings manufacturing company as well. His hands are full right now with work at the company in the mornings and his passions: his family and, as he says, seeking happiness by shaping his own surfboards, longboards among them, and riding them.

So, afternoons would be the time when Jon puts the hat of Garmendia Surfboards and shapes his midlengths, twins, longs ..., while steals time during weekend mornings or dawns to surf himself, try his designs and keep improving shapes for those boards that fill, not only his demands, but also the ones that more and more want to ride one Garmendia Surfboard.


| Curiosity Lead to Longboards and More

Being passionate about singlefins, twinfins and longboards, he started to feel interested about classic shapes after falling in love with the lines they drew. That was it. Even though it started as a hobby, an endless curiosity about this particular classical shape made him be on a mission: to shape the longboard he was longing for him that could not find anywhere. 



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 Created the Longboard he Couldn’t Find Anywhere

Jon Garmendia and Garmendia Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Jon Garmendia noseriding a Garmendia Surfboard. Pic by Xabier Beloki

 Garmendia Tee at Pukas Surf Shop

Garmendia Tee at Pukas Surf Shop