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Fantastic Acid - V-BOTTOM - 8'2" - Ref.VEE8-2

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V-Bottom x Fantastic Acid



· Model: V-Bottom with Resin Tint and Sanded Gloss

· Size: 8'2"

· Handshaped by Tristan Mausse from start to finish.

· Built in Anglet, France.

· Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin)

· Finish: Sanded

· Fin system: Single Box

> Fin Not Included!! Buy the Fantastic Acid V-Bottom Fin here or scroll down for more details.


Fantastic Acid Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop  The beautiful mess of a busy glassing factory. Picture by Aitor Molina.


Providing the same displacement as a convex bottom while providing the same advantages of a planing bottom (flat), the two different angles that the planning surface divided into two provides are worth trying out.

This design is more oriented towards a more extreme version of Vee-bottom by accentuating the difference between the nose and the tail and removing the outline of the parallel rails.

A parallel outline over too great a length can make turning or changing direction difficult and "long". However, a more "disproportionate" outline with an accentuated width from the wide point to the tail of the board will increase the pivot point at the back foot and help with tighter turns. Likewise, with a more refined nose, the board will be more manoeuvrable.
The extremely deep vee, revealing two distinct flat surfaces, is pushed up to 3 feet from the tail, a little above the fin.


Deconstructing a Unique Beast 

RIDING | The bottom shape then evolves into a flat surface, located in the middle of the board. It is also where the widest and thickest point coincide. It is therefore the key position on the board where the surfer will be when he goes into "trim" mode. Thanks to the extreme vee panels, the surfer will be able to stay on this sweet spot with his feet together, while steering the board thanks to "heel and toe" pressures.
It is only for cutbacks that the surfer can move his foot back slightly towards the fin to radically swing the board from one rail to another.
An extremely deep fin of 11 Inches, with total flex due to the volan and the narrow tip, will allow the wide tail not to slide and above all will offer a substantial lift, which will allow the surfer to regain his line after each cutback.

VEE-BOTTOM | I analyzed that a deep vee located at the tail on tight and low rocker tails caused a braking effect due to excessive water dragging. (As with hot curls, but which in this case, was put to good use to compensate for the non-existent fin.) I then started shaping my vee-bottoms with neutral rockers, but turning the blanks back to front and shaping my tails in the nose of the blank and my nose in the tail of the blank. So using the rocker of a nose for my tail, thus allowing me to have a kicktail, which would therefore be enabling the deepest part of the vee to be out of the water.
The vee would then only be in the water when needed, once the surfer moves his foot back towards the fin. Once the surfer returns to the sweet spot, in the middle of the board, on the flat surface and no longer using the vee, it would be once again out of the water thanks to the kicktail.

Fantastic Acid Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop


Fantastic Acid Fins at Pukas Surf Shop

Your Displacement Hull must match the right fin. Tristan holds them tight in Anglet. Picture by Aitor Molina.



This special one is a 11 inches flex fin 100% made in Volan for V-bottom that was design to offer the best experience possible riding this specific hull.

Be prepared for a whole new experience.

> Check it out!



We really wanted to offer you Displacement Hull designs by Fantastic Acid and the one you see here is one of the several you can take home.
However, let’s elaborate a bit more since we could say tons about these beauties.

The Displacement Hull design is a bottom (belly or convex) contour and planing surface design that can offer a very organic, flow and speedy feeling when riding the wave.
However, in order to offer that kind of feeling, we should gift the design with the right riding style and wave conditions.

Antistatic Hull x Fantastic Acid at Pukas Surf Shop

This is Tristan's room. Where the shaping magic happens. Picture by Aitor Molina.


The Displacement Hull, instead of planing up on top of the water like a regular flat or concave bottom contour, it plows through and parting the water.
Yes; The faster you go, the higher the speed, a displacement hull’s tail will sink down lower due to the “hole” created in the water as you move forward on the board.
So, the more displacement, the more control you have in the water but you need to keep an eye on the speed so you don’t end up like feeling inside a submarine, meaning, under water. It’s all about balance.

So, how do you ride it? It is a bit tricky, but once you get the hand of the adjustment, it is really rewarding. Instead of leaning back on the tail, you surf off the front foot burying the rail and letting it go.

Although new displacement hull designs will perform in a varied range of waves, they can also offer a great day of surfing in smaller surf. Why? Because surfing through the water takes less effort and energy than planning on top of the water.

The feeling you get on a displacement hull is more organic. You are more involved. You become one with the elements.


 Be Ready to Feel Like Surfing Through The Water 

Fantastic Acid Surfboards at Pukas Surf Shop

Tristan Mausse and a classy handshaped board perfectly branded. Picture by Aitor Molina.


This is no ordinary book; it is a book about the passion, knowledge, journey and love that Tristan Mausse is still experiencing.

Not in vain Tristan Mausse uses 480 pages to document his steps and travels. This book is an open window that invites you in through his words, work, more than a 1.200 pictures, drafts ... It is like getting inside the head of someone's most intimate secrets, longings, desires and passion to know, live and share about the Hull's tight-knit community and surfboards.

Take it Home!

Glass Shops by Tristan Mausse