Tristan Mausse is the ♥️ of Fantastic Acid

Tristan Mausse is a surfer and shaper that focuses his efforts in hand shaping Displacement Hulls, and only Displacement Hulls, inspired on the 70’s hulls. His designs are born out of self experimentations with the liquid element, its harmony and dynamics of the waves in Biarritz, France, where he actually lives and surfs mostly everyday.

He fell in love and was irremediably caught up with Hulls while working as a ding repairer as a teenager with a Greg Liddle to fix. In his own words, with his second time around, he was “hulled by a Californian shaper Andreini”, and there was no going back from there: years and years of science, theory, Greg Liddle, Kirk Putnam, Klaus Jones, Marc Andreini, Robin Kegel, Georges Greenough, Carl Lamaitre … He still is inspired by them.

Ended up in Bali shaping his own hulls and surfing them; applying what he learnt year by year, being this last part key for the glassing brand FANTASTIC ACID to be born. Now it has more than 10 years.

Fantastic Acid at Pukas Surf Shop

About Fantastic Acid

«Fantastic Acid is a contemporary entity, driven by intense surfboards designs from the 70’s era. The fruit of experimentations and researchs about Displacement Hulls.

Boards with an unusual dynamic, generating velocity and smoothness. Radicals trim. Long radius turn. That’s the product of a whole life devoted into

building surfboards, surfing, endless movement, free improvisations, hard jazz, flex fins, transitionnal volumes, volan.... An eternal approach of handshaped surfboards.” 

 Tristan Mausse