Christenson Surfboards - TWIN TRACKER - 7'0" x 21 1/4 x 2 7/8 - CX02220


Christenson Surfboards

Model: TWIN TRACKER by Chris Christenson

Size: 7'0" x 21 1/4  x 2 7/8

Ref: CX02220

Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin) Cedard Stringer

Glass: Yellow tint

Finish: Polish

Fin system: Futures

Recommended Fins (not included):

  • Captain Fin - Christenson Twin Especial. Link here.


Have the best of both worlds on the Christenson Twin Tracker. The Mid Length outline creates glide and flow; with the pronounced bottom curves that boosts response and speed between rails.

The Twin allows faster speed off the mark, with the water running through the middle of the board. A refined rail allows for drive and hold. A board that offers surprise in its versatility, and is unlike any other board in the quiver.