Christenson Surfboards - LONG PHISH - 7'0" x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4 - CX02207


Christenson Surfboards

Model: LONG PHISH by Chris Christenson

Size: 7'0" x 21 3/4 x 2 3/4

Ref: CX02207

Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester resin) Cedar Stringer

Glass: Standard Volan Cut Lap + Volan patch

Finish: Polish

Fin system: Futures System

The Long Phish brings the Chris Fish to the midlength arena, scaling up the classic version from 6'6" to 7'4".

Built with performance in mind, the longer, straighter rail line provides you with extreme speed. The noticeable concave that runs between the fins excels with Captain Fin's CxCx Keel set.

This thing is built for big open face turns. However, is one of those designs that provides joy in a wide range of conditions.

Chris designed this board to be ridden longer than your standard board to make you draw lines that you couldn't do on your normal boards. He loves it in 7'0" and above.


If you are in doubt about this particular size, you can custom build your own Christenson Surfboard with our Custom Board Builder by clicking here.